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Consulting Services

Our consulting services are aimed at maximizing value creation for our esteemed clients. Besides shaping successful strategy and transformation blue-print, we will work closely with our clients in implementing the key transformation levers aimed at maximizing value for their customers and shareholders. 
Business Turnaround

We assist loss making and underperforming companies to achieve successful turnaround.

We would typically conduct a thorough assessment of our client's profit drivers and the key activities around those drivers. we will then provide an implementation road-map including key business transformation initiatives that our client may consider in order to successfully drive profit maximization and growth.

Customer Excellence

Our consultants would typically conduct an in-depth diagnostic of your customer value proposition through careful and in-depth review of your customer touchpoints and customer value attributes.

Based on conclusion from the diagnostic study, we will propose implementation initiatives aimed at improve your customer experience versus your nearest competitors.


Our initiatives would also include digital solutions that would fit your customer needs in a sost-effective manner.   

Pricing Excellence

Pricing is one of the most important profit drivers for most companies. However, it is often the most ignored 'P' out of the 4 'Ps' of marketing. 

We assist companies to maximize their growth and profitability performance through the implementation of globally proven best practices in pricing and revenue management.

We assist our clients in shaping and implementing competitive pricing strategies and action which would typically deliver incremental annual profit between 2% to 5% of revenue. 

Sales Excellence
Performance Mgmt.
Strategy Development

In order to render competitive edge to our clients in driving successful revenue growth, we assist in developing the key building blocks of sales fundamentals.

Example of initiatives would include developing an effective CRM and sales activity management solution, assisting sales teams in effectively managing their sales pipeline and negotiation process leading to profitable revenue development.


In order to realize successful financial results, we assist our clients in objectively determining and shaping the key performance drivers, KPIs and their respective business rules.

Once the measures are finalized, we will implement business intelligence solutions which will process valuable reporting for managing those business drivers. Besides, we also implement balance scorecard and other reporting tools to improve performance.

Besides enabling business transformation, we assist our clients in shaping effective business strategies based on a comprehensive internal analysis and external research.

Besides, our consultants also support our clients in building annual operating plans and long-term plans covering extensive research and analysis and development of detailed implementation blue-print with close cooperation with various functional stakeholders within client's organization. 


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